Commerical Laundry

Kent Cleaners Limited Laundry Service offers superior quality laundry service for all types of applications including Salons and Spas, Event Companies, Hospitality, Light Medical, and home wash, dry, and fold.

Salons And Spas

Kent Cleaners Limited  Laundry Service offers superior quality laundry service for area salons and spas in the East-central Ontario area.  Kent Cleaners Limited understands that you started your business to pursue your passion and offer value to your community… and not to do laundry.  We have experience washing and serving laundry for many different hair salons and spas.  The laundry we wash includes hand towels, bath towels, sheets, pillowcases, head wraps, robes, facial cloths, etc. in many colors and sizes.  We offer salons and spas affordable professional laundry service with the flexibility they need to accommodate their changing schedules. We know some salons and spas take their laundry home or do it in-house, but as you grow, so does the amount of laundry. If you own a salon or spa, let us talk to you about the benefits of using a laundry service like Simply Clean Laundry.  Professional Look at an Affordable Price

We offer this service to:

  • Fitness Studios
  • Salons
  • Spas
  • Guest Linens
  • Wellness Centres
  • Private Schools
  • Hotel / Motel
  • Mobile Laundry service companies
  • Private Clubs

Kent Cleaners Limited laundry Service understands how important it is for your business to be able to offer professional-looking laundry service at an affordable price.  Fresh, crisp linens. Fluffy, absorbent towels. Lush and comfy bedding.  All these can spell the difference between a good customer experience and a great customer experience.  And being able to provide to offer great linen to your customers at an affordable price is key to running a successful business.  We provide you the very best laundry service so you can focus on your clients, and not the laundry. We can either wash your own laundry at a per-pound price based on the dry weight.  Or if you prefer to have your sheets and bedding finished we can do that too.  Either way, you’ll find our service to be reliable and our laundry folded to your standards and ready to put on the shelf. 
Laundry on Your Schedule
At Kent Cleaners Limited laundry Service, we do our best to work around your business schedule.  Because we have multiple drivers and routes each day, we have some flexibility in when we deliver and pick up your linen, and chances are we are in your area multiple times each week.  Also, since we don’t do contracts or require you to have weekly service, you have the flexibility to skip a week or go every 2 weeks if that makes sense for you.  Just give us a call or email one day before your scheduled delivery and we can push it off to the next week.  We understand the laundry needs of spas and salons with their fluctuating schedule so we are here to help.  Your spa and salon service is only as good as your clean sheets and towels; leave that to Kent Cleaners Limited laundry Service.

Event Companies


Kent Cleaners laundry Service knows how to clean and treat table linen laundry including tablecloths, napkins, aprons, and kitchen linens. If you do weddings or other events that require you to have your table linen washed, Kent Cleaners Limited is a great solution.  Since our machines are fully programmable, we are able to use special detergents for your table linen. Stains and soil from catering laundry require a different detergent that works to remove food and oils from the linen.  Plus our no-iron fold service ensures your catering linen is returned wrinkle-free without crease marks and burning that can occur with hot presses. We’ve also had great success with treating and removing stains for table linens.  We have a hot wash formula that helps break down oils and soil that may be locked in your linen.  So if you have a pile of stained linen, give us a call and we would be happy to run a test load for you.  Kent Cleaners Limited laundry services takes great pride in giving you a professional look while providing flexible scheduling.
Professional Look at an Affordable Price

Kent Cleaners Limited laundry service understands how important it is for your business to be able to offer professional-looking linen at an affordable price.  Providing your customers with clean fresh table cloths, napkins, aprons, etc is key to a great event.  These small differences can be the difference between a good customer experience and a great customer experience.  And being able to offer great linen to your customers at an affordable price is important for you to run a successful business.  Many of our clients agree that owning your own table line and associated items and having them professionally washed by a laundry service will save a lot of money over time.  We offer reliable professional service at an affordable price  
Flexible Scheduling
Kent Cleaners Limited laundry works with many different types of businesses that require table linen.  Some of these businesses are seasonal and some of their schedules vary from week to week.  Our flexible scheduling allows you the customer to dictate when you need us and how quickly you need your linen back.  Sometimes we have only a couple of days to turn the linen around for a customer that might have 2 or 3 events in a single week and we can work out a schedule to make sure you have what you need.  We also know the nature of catering events can be less consistent or seasonal so since we have no contracts, we can wash your table linen when you need us.   
Let us show you why Kent Cleaners is a great solution for your table linen laundry needs.  You’ll find our service to be professional, affordable, and flexible.  Give us a call today at 1-866-722-0422.



If you’re the owner of a resort, small inn, retreat center, campus dormitory, camping space, or other hospitality business and you’re looking for a high-quality laundry service, Kent Cleaners Limited laundry service of East Central Ontario is the answer.  B&B’s (both air and traditional) have become a part of our culture and many people prefer them to traditional hotels.  Using a professional laundry service to make sure your towels and linen are clean and crisp is a great way to keep customers satisfied. So instead of spending money on equipment and staff to do laundry, you should use a professional laundry service like Kent Cleaners Limited.  Kent Cleaners Limited laundry will set up a custom schedule for you to keep you well-stocked while freeing up your time to spend on more business-related items. 
Unbeatable Service
Kent Cleaners Limited laundry service works with several different resorts and small hospitality businesses East central Ontario.  For our team, there is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to laundry service.  We approach each new customer on an individual basis to set up a schedule for pickups and deliveries as well as formulas on how to wash your specific linen. From the first phone call you’ll see the difference with Kent Cleaners Limited as we work with you to assess your needs for your business and, although we have a vast amount of experience in the industry, we also believe that our customers know what type of service they want, so we always listen to our customers to formulate the best approach. 
Spend Time on What Matters

Light Medical


Many different types of medical offices trust us with their healthcare linen.  We currently service many dentists, Dr. offices, spas, dermatologists, labs, cardiologists, chiropractors, physicals therapists, etc.  We wash and deliver lab coats, towels, rags, blankets, scrubs, and patient gowns along with any other specialized linen.  We have been providing medical laundry service to offices in East Central Ontario since 1986. 
High-Quality Professional Appearance
We understand the importance of having your healthcare linen look fresh and clean.  It matters to your staff who are using the linen and it matters to your customers as well.  We provide you with the best laundry product with a high-quality professional look.  All lab coats and lab jackets are pretreated before washing and then washed, dried, starched if desired, and hung up and covered just like you find at your dry cleaners.  Patient gowns are neatly folded and packed by size and style.  Scrubs can be either hung and covered or folded and bagged.  Whatever you prefer.  We promise to give you a high-quality product that you can be proud of in your office. 
Reliable and Trusted Partner
Let Kent Cleaners Limited be your trusted high-quality partner.  We are a flexible and fair business partner that always has your best interest in mind.  As a result, this will allow you to take great care of your customers, clients, patients, and staff.  We are a locally owned and family-operated company right here in East-central Ontario and all of our laundries is done in-house so if you ever have a question, we are here to help.  We have a passion for accuracy and an eye for detail and we look forward to working with you.

Home Wash, Dry & Fold


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